This is a best and sustainable solution to be used in Rural areas, where in bore well with hand pump is already operational .

Customer:- Nature Conservation Fund

Installation Location:-

Steps of Project Installation.

  1. Identifying near by stable ground and earth is excavated and foundation is laid for ONE meter
  2.  3 Mrts steel stand is Mounted on the Foundation.
  3.  HDPE Tank of 2,000 Lts is placed on the structure, Solar panels of 1 K Watts capacity is mounted on the stand
  4. Bore well is opened and DC pump is inserted with connecting wire and HDPE pipe water out let
  5. Special water chamber is introduced and hand pump assembly is mounted back
  6. Water level controller, ON-OFF rotary switches are mounted and electrical connections are made from solar panel to pump.
  7. The tank out let is given to tap assembly located at appropriate place.
  8. Now the project is operational , water takes 3-4 hours to fill, starting from 07:30 AM, villagers can use it throughout the day.