The solar roof top energy harvesting is one of the best decision our government took in recent times.

We produce power in Sharavathi, Bluf and Raichur and then through network of wires transmit it to several thousand kilometres to supply current to all. In this process there is a huge Transmission and distribution losses involved. This loss is filled up through consumers only. In case of failure of any of these major power supply station, the power is brought from central grid at very high cost… and it may be sometimes INR 18.00/unit also.

We have abundant solar power available in our country, there are vast empty roof tops available in cities, so if this power is harvested properly we can easily overcome power problems in our state.

There fore it is known as UNEXPLORED GOLD MINE,

When Sir. M V Vishveshvarayah saw Jog falls in all its glory he excliamed ” What a waste of power” then he materialised Sharavathi power project. Now by looking at scorching sun we all have to exclaim”what a waste of power” and harvest this power in every house and feed it to the grid. This is the best solution for energy crisis. By doing so we can turn each and every cities to power production centers.

Let us join hands with government in tackling energy crisis and also turn empty roof tops into income generation source.


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