This product is designed for urban space to conserve 50% water

In urban areas while using solar water heaters, initially 20 lts of cold water has to be drained out to get hot water.

This is because water stored in the pipe will loose temperature over night time.

Please watch the following Video for a better understanding.


In order to overcome this problem of water wastage , we Invented Smart Solar Geyser, Geyser at your bath room and instant hot water for you,




  1. Need Strong roof and Over head tank

  2. Plumbing line is additional installation expenditure

  3. At least 20 Lts cold water need to be wasted for every floor to get hot water

  4. Scale formation reduces operational efficiency, needs to be cleaned every year

  5. As hot water is drawn, cold water enters and reduces the heat of stored hot water

  6. Looses about 20 Degrees temperature during night time.

  7. Non-Viable solution to install in Apartments, Hospitals, Hostels and Hotels


We solved all the above problems in our SMART SOLAR GEYSER, its a new Invention with 4 patents in force.