Father of Water heaters

Electric Geyser is an advanced version of the above Water heater with additional safety features. This operates on simple principle of cold water in and hot water out. Till date the same Principle is used by countless manufacturers across the world.

In the last 120 years despite of Technological advancement we are using this design which is not energy efficient. There is a wastage of almost 50% of electricity in this type of water heaters. This is basically due to flow of cold water into the geyser chamber, as we draw hot water. Please watch the below video for wasy understanding.

In order to over come this issue, we Invented a pressure less tank here inĀ cold water does not enter hot water chamber till the complete usage happens. This simple step helps to conserve 50% of electric energy , every day at every home.

This simple sensor based auto close and open Mechanism will eliminate the mixing of Hot and cold water and there by saves 50% Electricity.


  1. Saves 50% Electricity , every day.

  2. Conserves Water considerably.

  3. Slim design, easy to install in any type of Bath room.

  4. Completely pressure less geyser, can be installed from top to bottom floors without any regulators

  5. Storage water level indicator shows available hot water.

  6. Water level sensors and micro controllers manage water inflow to storage tank.