SIGMA Hospital found and managed by team of visionaries is the first true green hospital in the entire state. The managing director Mr. Gyanashankar, founder directors Dr. Madappa and Dr. Siddesh took a very bold decision to install roof top solar power station.

SIGMA hospital needs about 60 K Watts of power on peak demand. they have roof top of approximately 10,000 sq. Feet area , which can house 90 K Watts of Solar Station. To start initially, management had decided to put up 25 K Watts SPV Station. Initially the decision was to mount solar panels on roof of second floor. But in order to utilise the roof area for canteen and laundry, they decided to erect 12 feet steel structure and erect gal-aluminum sheets  on which panels are installed.

The Complete project took about 3 months. This is the first of its kind project where in High Tension grid line is synchronised with SPV Station. The SPV Station is generating power of approximately 135 units/ day.

In SIGMA Hospital we used Global premium class SMA inverter with web connect option. This will help us to monitor the plant from anywhere by using smart phone.



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