High mast lamp posts are often considered as most energy thriving systems. the high mast is usually made up of Metal halide lamps of 400 Watts. Each High mast will consume 12 K Watts/Hour. This offers greater potentiality to conserve energy, in the high mast systems, following steps can be used for energy saving.

  1. Adopt timely ON-OFF switch.
  2. Switch off any one  phases during late night hours.
  3. Dim the lamps after utility hours.
  4. Keep the power factor close to unity.
  5. Up to 75 % Energy can be conserved.


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  1. During peak hours complete fixture operates under controlled voltage
  2. Off peak hours, one or two phase can be completely switched OFF to save up to 75% of Electricity
  3. Again in the early morning usage hours complete illumination can be programmed
  4. Enhances lamp life by 3 times
  5. Fixture can be controlled by central computer or Mobile phone.