This is non-programmable, Global Positioning System based Timer. It switches ON-OFF the load based on sun set and sun rise time of the location of installation.
This timer is micro controller based, built in battery back up and attached GPS antenna. The features of this Smart Satellite Switch is as follows,


Complete Automatic Time Switch.
Easy Installation, Operation and less maintenance.
Operation is based on Sun SET & Sun RAISE timings.
Operation voltage is 200-270 VAC, Temperature -400  C to + 700 C
Time retention is ONE year and Refreshing interval is 30 seconds
Micro controller and GPS modem based operation.
Directly operates 250 Watts load and cont-actor can be used for higher loads
Supply Indicator, Load Indicator and GPS signal Indicator is provided.
GPS antenna and Load test switch is provided
Easy to mount and connect in any type of IP-65 box
ONE Year replacement guarantee


These timers are new generation automated switches. Plug and Play type. They operate on GPS signals and determine ON-OFF time for lights.

It can be fitted in  the indoor or out door. Type of timers available,

  1. Single phase- 5 K Watts
  2. Single phase-10 K Watts
  3. Three phase- 5 K Watts
  4. Three Phase-10 K Watts
  5. Stand alone with 500 watts capacity

All these ranges of timers are suitable for controlling HPSV, HPMV,MH and LED lamps.