Sl. No Nomenclature Status Patent/Application no. Description



Symmetrical Phase Controlled Energy Save with Feedback facility Patent Granted 237510 This Invention is specifically designed to conserve electricity in high power lamps and is implemented in the field
2 Solar photovoltaic array based water heating system Published 1146/CHE/2013 Using Solar energy in optimized form to heat the water. The efficiency  of the Geyser is almost 97%, heating method is unique
3 Torsion spring based self aligning sun tracker for solar panel used for Solar geyser Published 20164300285 Self aligning torsion spring controlled Solar panel controller, helps the SPV panels to gather optimum energy
4 Universal Smart Solar Geyser for domestic and Commercial Applications Published 20174105399 Elliptical design, Pressure less tank and complete solution for energy and water loss
5 Smart Electric Geyser for water and energy conservation Published 201741016948 Sleek and simple design, conserves 50% energy by means of design.