Gururaj K

Harsha M L

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1 Symmetrical Phase control Method for energy conservation            1665/CHE/2005 10-02-2006 To conserve energy in street lights, outdoor lights etc… Energy conservation up to 40 % can be realised.
2 Centralised high voltage DC  Solar Nano Solar Power Plant for collection and distribution of solar energy 3770/CHE/2010 10-12-2010 To Establish grid independent power source for remote villages, where in complete power generation is from solar energy.
3 Solar Geyser for Solar water heating system works on DC voltage from 12 VDC to 300 VDC 1146/CHE/2013 07-06-2013 Solar Photo voltaic array based water heating system to use solar energy more efficiently
4 Elliptically designed Solar Geyser system for hot water and saving power. 1146/CHE/2013 15-03-2016 Additional Patent for the above patent, design of Geyser shape and new invention on water heating system, with dual coil application
5 Elliptical Solar Geyser, with dual coil and energy saving mechanism, with Technology for complete utilization of Hot water. 1146/CHE/2013 29-08-2016 New invention in Solar-electric- Hybrid geyser for Hot water isolation and thereby use heated water. This invention will save 30% electrical energy and 50% water.