We have both hard ware and Soft ware product development expertise, along with Product-Project Integration capacity.

We worked with diversified verticals and spread over customer teams and successfully implemented several challenging projects successfully,

For Example,

  1. Now a days maintaining and managing the basic civil amenities like street lights is a big challenge. with ever expanding city limit and lighting level, city managers from Urban Local body will have no control over number of lights/amount of energy being consumed by the lighting network. This ignorance will lead to lot of Energy wastage and losses of energy by theft. we provide complete range of technology and product for this problem


  1. Image result for computer controlled street light systems      Image result for street light systems               Image result for computer controlled street light systems

  2. Management of water resources is a big challenge for city supply and agricultural fields is an ever growing challenge, decades after decades, we are still relaying upon localised approximation data and methods to solve this problem. The main trick in this is to integrate, various analog, digital and topographical data to arrive at end results. We wish to claim with honesty and pride, we ARE EXPERT IN THIS DOMAIN AND CAN PROVIDE SOLUTION AT SIX SIGMA LEVEL
  3. .Related image    Related image   Image result for Agriculture water management systems

  4. Providing wired monitoring system in large security areas is a big challenge, like wear houses, armed forces security installations, Research laboratories, Airports, Sea Ports and International border. These areas needs Electrical, Electronic, bio-thermal data gathering and alert presentation to the customers. We have proven solutions to meet and dissipate this challenge .
  5. alarm-annunciator-devices-500x500fire-alaram-system alarm-annunciator-725b-220x220


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