The main Concept is, instead of producing power and transporting it to distant and remote villages, we can produce , store and utilise the electrical energy in distant and remote areas. This will avoid energy transportation losses, related infrastructure of  wires and poles from the power generating station to utilisation point. We designed and developed a new concept called:- Nano Solar power station for generation and storage of power and Micro grid to distribute the power within limited area of village for utility.

This can be attained by integrating following concepts,

  1. Solar Photo voltaic Power panels 4 times the capacity of Total Demand
  2. Storage power bank of 40 times capacity of Peak load demand
  3. Micro-grid network which connects all the loads with suitable control systems.
  4. Remote control and access system for online reporting and monitoring.

If we combine the above 4 systems , an excellent Nano Solar Station can be built and operate for long run.

Case Study:- Padukote village- HD Kote Talluq- Mysore district.

This village is located close to forest and since it is in the border of Karnataka and Kerala, the power situation is very grim. They get power for 2-3 hours a day.

In this place we were assigned to implement Nano Solar Power station and establish a micro grid with operational period of 3 months. The project is challenging no doubt, but the problem in rural areas are unlimited,

  1. Initially we had Gram Sabha Meeting with villagers and decided on the location of lamp posts.
  2. We marked the place for power house in the middle of the village
  3. Then the trenches were dug across village and electrical Under ground cables were laid.
  4. Poles were erected.
  5. Power house built, to house the batteries and controller
  6. Fencing is done , solar panels erected next to power house
  7. Controllers installed and Battery bank is put into operation.

Due to rainy season entire project took almost 4 months for completion. The whole system was under maintenance for  a period of 5 years  i e. 23-02-2011 to 22-02-2016 . We maintained the system for that  period and handed it over to Gram Panchayat.

padukote-1      spv-station-at-ati

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