Reusable and eco friendly green energy


Genius Industrial Services was established in 1998 for providing professional solutions to Energy Management, Industrial Automation and Harvesting the solar energy for sustainability and Eco friendly applications

In the last 18 years we worked in Bio-medical Instrumentation, Industrial Process Automation,  Energy Conservation, Control Automation and commendable technological integration in solar energy harvesting. We invented new technologies to meet the challenges in these areas.

We have in total 5 patents for various Inventions we had done in the last 18 years. We successfully commercialised all the inventions and expanded our operational activities with more products and Technologies.

The company is Involved in 3 main Domains of operation


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Area of specialisation Years of Experience

Land mark achievements


Customised Product Developments in Industrial Automation, Bio-Medical Instruments,  Monitoring and Security aspects 18 Years

Developed Customised products in several lines, which specifically serves the specific needs of our valued customers.


Energy Management Products and Projects 10 Years

Holds ONE patent for invention


Solar Energy Products and Projects 8 years Holds Four Patents in inventing various application Technologies


We have reliable portfolio and proven Technical competency to back up in these domains ,our solutions are not cheap, but they are sustainable and cost effective in the long run. We will not deliver magic wand for our customers, but we provide them sustainable solutions for long term.


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