We welcome you to Innovative world of Energy Conservation and Solar Energy Utilization,

Genius Industrial Services was started in 1997, as a service provider company for Process Control Industries and Bio-Medical Instrumentation. Over a period of 2 decades, the company Invented and produced its own products, in Energy Conservation, Designed Smart Timers for latest light circuit control.First Patent is “Symmetrical Based Energy Conservation System” filed by founders and brought out a total Solid state Energy Saver to conserve the energy in the street lighting system. With this product we conserved 2.5 M Watts of Electricity for Govt. of Karnataka.

Later on, we explored new horizons and added Solar Projects into innovative hub and designed first Nano Solar Power Station in the country, to energize a remote village by using Solar Energy. A small village in Mysore -south, by name Padukote kaval, was illuminated by using world bank aid. Further works in this field, we designed and commissioned Solar Energy based Drinking water schemes and implemented it in 25 villages in Karnataka. We also designed and installed irrigation pump set powered by solar energy.

As a step further, we Invented & Patented 4 new concepts in Solar water heaters and brought out Smart Solar Geyser as a commercial product. This is a simple, slim and sustainable product design both for rural and urban India, By recognising the innovation in the product design and utility National Institute of Design has awarded India Design Mark Award-2018 in MSME Sector. With these Inventions we are changing the way in which Electric & Solar Geysers working principles since its Invention.

HGSOLTEC Pvt Ltd:– We incorporated this company as an exclusive Manufacturing company of Smart Solar and Electric Geysers, this has been incorporated to strengthen Start up India Initiatives of Government of India. Our Start up has been recognised by DIPP as Innovative Start up, we also got recognised as Top-400 startup of India by IIM Kolkata. In this Company we will be manufacturing Rural Solar Geyser, Smart Solar Geyser for Urban Areas and Smart Electric Geyser. The company is in the process of setting up of state of art manufacturing hub and establishing the marketing network across the country. Since these products conserve Energy and water and also have great social Impact in rural areas, the company is seriously setting up the required infrastructure.